Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chapter Four

Jon woke the next morning to the sound of his phone vibrating across the hotel night stand. Sitting up to reach for his phone a sharp pain went rushing through his head making him fall back down against the pillows with a groan. FUCK!! Waiting a few seconds, and still hearing his phone vibrating, Jon tried once again to sit up, this time going a little slower. Not even looking at the caller ID he quickly answered. “HELLO!” Grabbing his throbbing head, he flopped back down on the bed. “Daddy?” Hearing the soft female voice on the other end of the phone, Jon’s feeling of aggravation simmered. “Hey there baby girl.”

“Where are you?” Looking around Jon tried to figure out where he was, then looking at the bedding and the drapery he could tell it was a hotel of some kind. “Um.. I’m at a hotel. Why something wrong?” When Jon didn’t hear anything from his daughter he began to get a little nervous. “Steph? Is something wrong?” “What? Oh no.. sorry Jesse was asking me something. Nothing’s wrong. Was just wondering where you were.. When are you coming home?”

Home.. Home? Could he go back home? Now knowing the fact.. The truth about Dot. Jon wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to be around her with out losing his cool, especially if the kids were there as well. He just couldn’t go home, not right now anyways. “Um I don’t know when I’ll be home baby. Some things have come up in Philly. But I’ll be home as soon as I can. I promise ok?” A disappointed sigh came through the phone and tugged at Jon’s heart, he could imagine the sad expression on Stephanie’s face. “I’m sorry Steph.”

“It’s ok Daddy. I miss you that’s all.” “I miss you too, and your brothers. I gotta go now though.. Give your brothers all hugs and kisses for me ok?” “Ok daddy. Love you. Bye.” “Love you too.” Flipping his phone closed, Jon forced himself to get up out of the bed. Reaching for the hotel phone, he called down to room service and order some coffee and an ample supply of Tylenol; with the way he was feeling now, he knew he was going to definitely need it for the rest of the day. Stepping into his pants, Jon sat at the foot of the bed and waited for the room service to arrive, desperately needing the Tylenol for his head. God, what the hell happened last night?!?!?
Sitting there staring at his feet, the memories began to come back to Jon. When he found out about Dot being pregnant, then leaving and just driving for an hour or so before finally stopping at a small bar. And Richie… why was he remembering Richie?? Shit!! I called him….. Right?? Raking his hands threw his hair, Jon took a deep breathe as he heard a knock at the door. Thank God!! Rushing to the door, Jon let the man in and told him to just set the stuff wherever. At that point the guy could of left it all on the floor, Jon wouldn’t have cared, as long as he got some damn Tylenol for his throbbing head! “Thank you!”

After taking a few of the pills, Jon made his way towards the bathroom to take a nice hot shower, when he heard his phone going off yet again. “Are you even kidding me!” This time checking the ID to see who it was he noticed that it was Richie. “Hey Rich..” Sitting back on the bed, he grumbled, realizing that the shower was going to have to wait a few more minutes. “Good morning, where did you end up last night man?” Ok.. I must of called him…

“I’m at some hotel, but I have no idea what one.” Looking over towards the hotel phone he noticed a pad of paper, reaching for it he noticed the logo on the top. “The Holiday Inn .. in… Freehold.”
“Alright man.. I’m coming to get you.. I should be there in like an hour or so.. If I don’t get lost.” Both of the guys chuckled. “K Rich.. I’ll see you when you get here… call me when your close and I’ll tell you what room I’m in.. I’d tell you now but I have a throbbing head and really need a shower.” Jon got up and starting pacing the room impatiently while Richie laughed and made smart ass remarks on the other end of the phone. “Ok I take the hint Kid. I’ll talk to you soon.” “Yea bye.” Throwing his phone onto the bed, Jon made his way into the bathroom, stripped his pants off once again and stepped into the scalding hot shower. Finally feeling his body relax slightly. Thinking over how the previous night went, Jon finally let himself relax completely and let the tears fall freely as he heard Dot’s voice in his head constantly repeating those words that tore his whole world apart.

“I don’t think you’re the father….. I’ve been having an affair for the past two years.”


  1. poor Jon, I´m glad Richie is on his way...

  2. Richie, Jon really needs you before he does something crazy. Glad you're on your way.