Friday, February 13, 2009

Chapter Three

“Thanks again Jack for doing this.. I really appreciate it.” Richie walked out of the cockpit and took his seat in the all to empty Jovi Jet. Leaning his head back he closed his eyes and tried to make sense of what exactly it was he was doing and how he had gotten there.

After a long hot day out by the pool with Ava, Richie had decided to make it an early night as he was exhausted. He was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden he was awoken by his daughters laughter. Thinking that he had slept later then usual he rolled over to look at his clock and saw that it was three in the morning. Finally after a few moments of wondering what was going on, he realized it was his phone going off. Grabbing it from his nightstand he quickly flipped it open without looking at the caller id. “Hello!?”

“She’s been fucking another guy….” Richie recognized the voice on the other end of the phone, but the words that were with that voice left him startled. “Jon??” “NO it’s the fucking tooth fairy.. Who the fuck else do you think it is??” Ruffling his hair, Richie sat up in his bed. “Dude do you realize what time it is?” Looking at his clock once again and seeing that it really was only three in the morning, Richie began questioning why Jon was calling him at such crazy hours. Then he remembered what the first thing Jon said to him was. “What do you mean she’s fucking around.. And who are you talking about?”

“Dot, she’s been fucking some guy, and she’s pregnant.. With HIS kid.” Richie heard the slightest slur in Jon’s speech and could see him sitting in some bar with one or more empty bottles of wine scattered along the table. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Dot!?!” “Rich.. What the fuck am I suppose to do.. She said she loves him and she wants to move in with him. She said she wants a divorce!!! What the fuck am I suppose to do about that!?!?” Looking around his room, Richie slipped out of his bed and began pulling on a pair of jeans. “Jon where are you?”

“I’m at .. Where the hell am I? I don’t know where I am.. besides it doesn’t matter where the hell I am! What does that have to do with Dot?!?” Shaking his head, Richie began throwing some clothes into a bag. “Jon… listen to me.. Get yourself a cab and go home..” “I can’t go home Rich.. She’s there!! She’s here in Jersey.. I am still in Jersey aren’t I?” “Jon.. Will you shut the fuck up and listen to me.. Get a cab.. And go home.. Or even a hotel.. I don’t care!! I’m going to head over.” After a few more minutes of arguing with a drunken Jon on the phone, Richie finally hung up with him and immediately started making some phone calls. After apologizing several times to both Jack his pilot and Heather for waking them up so early he headed downstairs and started a small pot of coffee and headed back upstairs to wake up Ava.

Finally an hour later, after bringing Ava back to her mothers and getting himself to the airport, he was on his way to Jersey to try and help his best friend, his brother. Because from the sounds of it on the phone, Jon was definitely going to need someone there with him.


  1. Good decision, Richie. Jon needs some support for sure......

  2. Glad Richie is on his way to help his brother.