Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chapter One

Chapter 1

Gathering his coat and cell phone, Jon shut the lights off and locked the door to his office. “Heading home for the night Mr. Bongiovi??” Nikki’s voice chimed in behind Jon, giving him a slight startle. “Yea, I’m pretty beat... I.. I didn’t realize anyone else was still here.” Jon stopped at the side of Nikki’s desk. Nikki had just been hired onto the Philadelphia Soul ‘Team’ as Jon’s new assistant. His previous one, Alex, resigned due to her husband being relocated in his job. Nikki had only started a few days ago and so far she seemed to be doing fairly well. Jon noticed her potential at her first initial interview and kept bringing her back, to see if that ‘spark’ was really there. Finally after pulling a few strings, he got her the job, and wasn’t disappointed thus far.

“Oh yea.. I was just trying to finish up this one thing then I was going to head out myself.” Apart from being Jon’s assistant, Nikki was also filling in for Jess, one of the official spokes persons for the Soul, while she was on maternity leave. “Ah, Nikki don’t stress to much over that stuff. It’s late, you should get home to your Fiancé. Don’t need him thinking I’m over working you or anything.” Jon gave her a wink and smile as he began walking around her desk. “Well I was just saving the document now. I’ll be leaving in like 5 minutes.” Nikki could feel her cheeks reddening at the look she got from Jon. She had to admit, he definitely wasn’t a sore site for the eyes. With his short cropped brown hair, electric blue eyes, and bright white smile, he could make any girl weak in the knees; never mind the rest of him.

“Did you want me to wait for you to finish up, I’ll walk you to your car.” Jon watched on as Nikki put way stacks of papers and shut down her computer. “Um, no thats ok. I’ll be fine. You go on ahead and head out. I’ll see you.. Tomorrow right?” “Actually I have some other things that I need to do. So I won’t be back till sometime next week. But if you need to get a hold of me, my cell number is in your Rolodex ok?” Nodding her head, Nikki gave Jon a quick smile while she finished gathering her things and getting her keys ready to lock up the office. “I guess I will take up your offer on that walk to the car, if it stands of course.” Chuckling, Jon slipped his coat on, “of course it still stands. I’m still here aren’t I??” “That you are Mr. Bongiovi.”

“Ok.. Enough with the Mr. Bongiovi. Makes me feel old. You can call me Jon. Ok??” After double checking that the alarm was set Nikki quickly locked up and fell into step with Jon as they both headed towards the parking garage. “Sure thing.. Jon.” making sure she emphasized his name.

“So have you guys gotten a date set for your wedding yet?” Jon decided to start some small talk, taking advantage of the time to maybe get to know his new assistant a little more. “Well, no not really. We’re basically waiting till we get more settled in here in Philly. But we were thinking that maybe sometime next summer. But don’t worry I’ll make sure it doesn’t interfere with a possibly arena bowl for the Soul.” Jon raised an eyebrow at the slight sarcasm in her voice on the last remark. “Well I sure as hell hope not.. Regulations call for all employees of the soul to be present at the biggest games of the season..mainly meaning the Arena Bowl.” Nikki’s eyes got wide as she place her hand on Jon’s arm. “Are you serious?? I.. I didn’t realize that.. Oh my god.. I .. I..” Laughing Jon placed one hand on her shoulder.

“Nikki relax, I’m kidding... you don’t need to go any of the games technically. Its all voluntary.” Shaking his head, Jon took hold of Nikki’s arm and took the final steps to the door that opened up to the garage. “Phew. I was going to say...” Seeing the smirk on Jon’s face Nikki let out soft giggles. “Well here’s my car. Thank you Jon. So.. I’ll see you next week then.” Nodding his head once, “Your welcome. And yea next week.. Unless something major comes up here. Have a good night. And don’t let ole’ Mike slave drive you alright?” Nikki noticed the gleam in his smile, “Mike? And I was told that you were the head slave driver in all you do. Hmm.” “Touché. Have you been talking to Richie behind my back??” Shaking her head, Nikki opened the door to her car and began climbing in. “Have a good night Jon.” “You too Nikki.” With that Jon turned on his heel and headed to the opposite side of the garage where his car was parked and started heading for the drive back to his Jersey home.

As Jon pulled up his drive way he noticed that some of the house lights were on. That’s weird.. I told Rosie not to leave the lights on. Jon contemplated with himself on why the lights were on, and who if anyone was in the house.

Key in hand, he went to unlock the door when just as he went to get a hold of the door knob the door swung open on him. “Hi Jon.” Looking up he saw Dorothea standing there. “Oh Hey Dot. What are you doing here?? I thought you were in New York with the kids?” Stepping inside, Jon shook his coat off and tossed his keys and wallet down on the table by the door and gave Dot a hug and soft kiss on the lips. “Mm I missed you Dot.” Leaning her forehead against Jon’s, Dot took a deep breath. “I missed you too.” Realization kicking in of how quiet the house was, Jon looked around, “are the kids here?” Shaking her head, Dot started heading into the kitchen and then looked back over her shoulder. “No they’re not here. Do you want a drink?”

“Sure.. If the kids aren’t here with you.. Then where are they? Don’t tell me Steph is actually watching the boys over night.” Jon was confused, usually either the kids were always with Dot, especially if she decided to surprise him with a visit like this when he was working. But Dot was here, and the kids weren’t, he had no idea what was going on. “The kids are with your parents Jon. I wanted to spend a little time with you. Alone, so I asked your mom if they could take the kids for the night. Does that clear up everything for you?” Chuckling Jon took the glass of wine that Dot was handing to him and then pulled her into his arms. “Yes it does clear it up. Thanks babe.”

Hand in hand, they headed into the family room and sat on one of the big plush couches. Wrapping his arm around Dot’s shoulders, Jon pulled her into him. “So, what did you have in mind for tonight?” Dot heard the huskiness in his voice and quickly sat up, all of a sudden feeling almost disgusted by him. “Um well Jon. We kind of need to talk.” Hearing the seriousness in her voice. Jon set his glass down on the coffee table and turned himself on the couch so that he was facing her. “Ok… something wrong Dot?” Lowering her head, Dot stared at her feet while she tried to think of the easiest way to say this to Jon. “Well… Um.. I don’t know how to really say this.. But.” Scooting closer, Jon placed his hand on her knee. “Dot, babe, what’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath, Dot lifted her head so that she was looking Jon in the eye. “Jon, I’m pregnant.” She could see the slightest sparkle in his eye, he was always so happy every time they found out they were having a baby. “But.. Um..” Feeling the tears filling her eyes, Dot quickly looked down at the ground again. “Dot.. Honey its ok.” Seeing a few tear drops fall down to the floor, Jon wrapped his arms around. “Dot baby, don’t cry. It’s ok. Why are you crying??” “Because we have a problem.” Pushing herself away from Jon, Dot got to her feet, wiping the stray tears still on her cheeks. “Problem?? What kind of problem.” Jon was getting more and more confused by the second. Sure they had said after Romeo was born that they weren’t going to have any more children. But things happen, things would be fine. Dot turned and faced Jon. “The problem is.. That…. I don’t think you’re the father.”


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